The first Day:

We gather from passengers 8.00 a.m. in our office of the heladeros street  sellers 129, private transport, Going out of Cusco we will have a brief stop in Izcuchaca’s locality – Elk where the passengers will be able to buy some snack of taste of each one for these three days.
We initiate our trip in an approximate time of 4 hours, during which we will ascend to a height of   4,100 m.s.n.m, from where we will estimate the wonderful and impressive landscape of the zone.
After crossing cover them and the part more high of our tour, we will begin the decrease until 2107 m.s.n.m organizing this way our exciting adventure.

The lunch of the first day is to the 1.00 p.m. prepared in house, strong plate, salads, cold drinks, adapted for the heat of the zone.
After enjoying the agreeable luncheon at the edge of the spectacular river apurimac, it will be done of knowledge of the passengers, the basic rules on the rafting, safety, elements and equipment(team) that was in use throughout these exciting 3 days.


We begin the rafting putting into practice previously explained in the chat, such as:
To turn the boat, to use the lines of rescue, kayak and kataraft. All that in order which the passengers are sufficiently instructed to have this wonderful adventure.
We begin our decrease in rapid of class I and the IIIrd. Throughout two hours approximately up to arriving at our first camp.


In the place named THE AVOCADOES It ( He, She) Has dinner 7.30p.m. Approximately (the dinner consists of soup, a strong plate, warm drink). Taking advantage of the opportunity of meeting, we will converse it brings over from what it comes the following day.
Every night we will enjoy a bonfire that will give heat, light and will do of the place and of the moment a wonderful experience with the river and the landscape with a very special sight.

The second day:

We wake up 6.30a.m and after an energetic breakfast a.m. approximately we continue the 7.15 with our second day of rafting 9:00 pm, come to the rapid strong first one class the IV called SHOOTS we organize the safety and continue with the decrease.

After 1 hour(o’clock) of tour approximately, we come to the first portage  (place where it is not possible to navigate the rapid one due to the fact that it has a level of class V + for which we must walk along safety measures).

There we will begin to sail for rapid of class the IV as MINED FIELD, After Which we will arrive at the rapid purgatory which we will have the opportunity to sail in his (her,your) first part having in the second section a small portage which we will walk in group to the half day we will have our nourishing luncheon to re-put forces.

We continue sailing for 3 hours the rapid IV and V as(like): THREE MARIAS, the CAMP will be 4.30 P.M. The Table Or Playón. After organizing the camp, we offer a tea there steals which (who) will consist in popcorn, warm, cold drinks and some snacks. It (he,she) sups on 7.30 p.m. As the previous night one will give guidelines it (he,she) brings over of the day following the passengers. Also the bonfire of  the  night .

The third day:

After the breakfast, we will begin the decrease, this one is the day more strongly, since we will run rapid of level the III, IVth and V as(like): SLICE, WITHOUT NAME, in rapid these we organize the safety and descend in the river.
We continue recontrol until the end of the tour, during which we will have 2 portages, the millstone, and the you first after the same ones work we will run more rapid of class the III, IVth +

Ending the third day of rafting, there are expected for the group by the luncheon (gridiron) drinks, salads. The transport will lead us up to Cusco in approximately 2 hours of trip.

It is necessary to indicate that our guides have taken part in courses(years) of rescue and the first aids, in addition they are experienced of work at the most difficult rivers of the world.
Important note: The company Swissraft-Peru consistent with his(her,your) principal I target (safety), it(he,she) has a limit in each of his(her,your) tours being 3 boats the maximum thing to offer to our passengers one better service with regard to the safety, the excellence in the integral service to our passengers is our goal.
We are grateful to trust in Swissraft-Peru.


  1. Private transport (going and return) professional bilingual Guide
  2.  Equip of Rafting Equip of camping (tent)
  3.  Feed: 2 breakfasts 3 luncheons 2 dinners
  4. Water (boiled or purified)



  1. Bottles of mineral water
  2. Stock exchange
  3.  Taxis
  4. Sleeping back


  1. Personal belongings (properties) in a plastic bag (stock exchange)
  2. Personal pronouns of Repellent hygiene
  3. Repelend insects
  4. Protective solar
  5. Sandals
  6. Socks.


Private Service Shared
Rafting 2
3 Day/ 2 Night 000.00 000.00 000.00 000.00 000.00



(Río  Vilcanota)  Class III – IV – V

We will go to the south of Cusco in our private bus; the place of meeting will be in the office Swissraft-Peru at 8:00 a.m. We will arrive to the river approximately 10:00 a.m., here the group will receive the safety chat, then we will have a practice inside the river with rapid class the IIIrd, in 20 minutes immediately afterwards we will be ready for rapid class the IVth and V, the rafting will have a duration of 4 hours, it is necessary to say that the good thing of this full day is that the rapid ones will be constant during 3 ½ hours.
Due to the fact that we will be navigating this class of the rapid IVth and V posses Kayak and safety boat.
The season of our rating full day is of (December to May).


  1. Private Transportation.
  2. Guides (Englishman – Spanish)
  3. Lunch
  4. Equip of rafting (jackets, hulls, wet suits, wind-shields)


  1. Personal assurance
  2. Taxis.
  3. Photo and DVD.
  4. Tips.


  1. Towel.
  2. Extra Clothes.
  3. Short.
  4. Sandals.
  5. Sun Block.



Private Service Shared
Rafting 2
Full Day 000.00 000.00 000.00 000.00 000.00


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